January 26, 2024 | explosive wines for a good time

Here's the dirt.

While environmental factors like temperature, terrain and sun exposure all play a crucial role in terroir*, soil composition—that is, the nutrient-rich organic and mineral matter covering the planet's surface—is really its foundation.

Soil types and textures influence the nutrients, water and (good) bacteria available to vines, helping to dictate the grapes' flavor concentration, acidity and aroma, and ultimately affecting the finished wines' overall character.

& one of the most exciting soils to us wine nerds?
those born of fire and magma:


Found both in regions in direct range of an eruption and those farther afield from active volcanoes (thanks to ancient eruptions that left them which riddled with ash and other volcanic expellants), volcanic soils are vast and varied, and can impart distinct minerality and/or subtle savory qualities, often with concentrated flavors and lifted acidity. 

Today, Friday 1.26, we're trying three very different expressions—an intriguing chardonnay-dominant blend from France, a glou-glou style rosato from the slopes of Mt. Etna, and an easy-going nerello mascalese that offers a purity of blackberry, fig and plum flavors.

Click through the links below for a peek of the wines we're opening, then stop by from 4-7 for a taste!


Domaine des Trouillères 'Annolium Blanc' Côtes d'Auvergne AOC 2022 

Frank Cornelissen 'Susucaru' Rosato Terre Siciliane IGP 2022

Ayunta Nerello Mascalese Rosso Terre Siciliane IGT 2021 

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