July 14, 2023 | we are GREEK-ING out

Sun-drenched, mountainous and steeped in myth, Greece is one of the world’s oldest viticultural regions, with a history of wine cultivation that stretches back more than 6,000 years.

Wine from the country’s 300-plus indigenous grape varieties served a central role in ancient religious ceremonies, medical treatments and intellectual symposia alike, and was often present at daily meals and everyday life. However, social and political unrest, and occupations by the Romans, Byzantine and Turkish over the centuries kind of put the kibosh on its wine industry’s development.

As a result, much of Greek wine remains a mystery to many of us here, a world away, in America. But that just means there's more deliciousness for us to discover!

 So today (Friday 7.14!) from 4 to 7, we're beginning the educational odyssey by opening three long-time favorites from the country. Join us?


Domaine Zafeirakis Assyrtiko Tyrnavos PGI 2022

Troupis Winery Moschofilero Rosé 'Thunder' Arcadia PGI 2022 1L

Domaine Zafeirakis Limniona Tyrnavos PGI Young Vineyards 2019



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