July 28, 2023 | discover the allure of the Loire

Join us this afternoon for a journey down the Loire!

Castles, gardens, seats of ancient kings, and, of course, wine: recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Loire Valley is a great area to visit as well as the home of fantastic wines.

If you happen to find yourself in Beacon this week (but maybe wish, just a little bit, you were traveling around France?), come by the shop this afternoon (Friday 7.28!) to sample what the Loire is all about.

We'll start upriver, in the land of sauvignon blanc. In recent years, the town of Sancerre has gotten a lot of attention. And yes, fantastic wines come from those limestone slopes. The sauvignon blanc we're featuring today comes from just outside the Sancerre zone, where wines of similar quality can often be found for a more palatable price!

From there, we'll descend the river as far as Chinon, a village as celebrated for its cabernet franc as Sancerre is for its sauvignon blanc.

Bon voyage!

Clément & Florian Berthier Sauvignon Blanc Menetou-Salon AOP 2022

Olga Raffault Rosé Chinon AOP 2022 

Domaine du Chat Huant 'L'alouette' Vin de France 2022 

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