November 3, 2023 | The liquid equivalent of your favorite sweater

Don't get us wrong:
We love some good old fashioned outdoor autumnal frivolity—hiking, pumpkin picking, leaf crunching, road tripping, wine tasting, and what have you—as much as anyone.

with this week's very noticeable drop in temps, and less and less color left in our landscape with each day that passes, we can't help but feel an increasing need to curl up and get a little cozy in the evenings.

You know, the desire to linger a bit longer around the family dinner table or call an old friend for a much-needed catch up, pull on the fuzzy socks and sink into the couch, reach for a familiar book or tune out the world with a favorite album.

& most of all, to pour something a bit more heart-warming, soul-soothing and downright comforting into our glasses.

You with us?

Stop by today (Friday 11.3!) from 4 to 7 for a splash of three wines perfect for all those situations and more.

(Blankets will not be provided, however, details about each bottle can be found via the links below, if you're interested.


Triennes Viognier Méditerranée IGP 'Sainte Fleur' 2020

Francesco Cirelli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC 2022 

Domaine de la Terre Rouge Syrah 'Les Côtes de L'Ouest' California 2017


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