Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin

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Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin
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Caledonia Spirits is a craft distillery located in Caledonia County, Vermont, inspired by views from atop the Barr Hill Nature Preserve. Founder Todd Hardie spent much of his life tending to bees, and after 48 years of selling honey he bought a 15-gallon direct fire pot still to start distilling his raw honey. He met Ryan Christiansen, owner of a local homebrewing store, who would eventually sell his business to become the Head Distiller of Caledonia Spirits. In his older age, Todd sold the distillery to Ryan, allowing Todd to purchase land and go back to the farm to grow grains and fruit for the distillery. 

This Tom Cat Gin hails from somewhere in the largely unexplored realm between gin and whiskey. The award-winning Barr Hill Gin, distilled in a custom-built botanical extraction still, gets aged in new American oak barrels, adding rich color and bold flavors to an already beautifully floral, juniper-forward gin.