Carpano Antica Formulae Sweet Vermouth 375ml

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Carpano Antica Formulae Sweet Vermouth 375ml
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This low abv classic with Campari and soda is easy to love
Martinez: A classic riff on the Martini with Gin, Maraschino and a dash of Orange Bitters


Antonio Benedetto Carpano is credited for inventing the commercial version of what we know today as red vermouth, possibly even coining the term “vermouth”. The brand was formalized some years later by his nephew. The red vermouths of subsequent producers were their own takes on what Carpano first successfully marketed. The Carpano Antica formula stands out from others thanks to its unique bouquet and unmistakable vanilla notes (sourced from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and Tahiti). On the nose, it is vanilla-forward with spicy, citrusy, and dried fruit notes of almond, raisins, and cloves. It is well-rounded on the palate with a rich flavor that follows the nose. It can be enjoyed on its own, but combines well with bitter orange, dates, cacao beans, and saffron flavors. Amazing in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, as well as a Negroni or Americano!