Clontarf Irish Whiskey Classic Blend Black Label Liter

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Clontarf Irish Whiskey Classic Blend Black Label Liter
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Clontarf is named after the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 in which the Irish high king Brian Boru sent the Viking invaders back to the sea, achieving a remarkable victory. Most of the men that fought perished, but the success of the few made possible the Ireland that exists today. The mash includes barley and maize (corn), and the barley is malted for 10 days and then mixed with unmalted barley as well. It’s triple distilled using copper pot stills and filtered through Atlantic Oak Charcoal, making a smooth, delicate spirit. It is aged in charred oak bourbon casks for four years, and then all of the casks are “married” at the end to combine all of the flavors to produce a complex whiskey of consistent quality. The wood notes in this are subtle, with more honeyed, medicinal, and grainy aromas at the forefront and a medium bottomed frame with a somewhat floral and fruity tone.