Bennett Bitters 'Wild Hunt' 60ml

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Bennett 'Wild Hunt Bitters' 60ml
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In 2012 Joseph Bennett formulated a small line of bitters which found popularity at several bars in his then-hometown of Seattle. After Joseph moved to New York, he and his wife, Yana, revamped the recipes and methodology they used to blend botanicals, relaunching their bitters in New York in 2018. Their philosophy combines a focus on health and wellness with bold, unforgettable flavors. Wild Hunt Bitters invoke the sensation of total immersion in the forest, particularly the mosses and roots of the forest floor. Inspired by forest bathing, these bitters are intensely herbaceous, with botanical ingredients including Devil’s Club root, Icelandic moss, chamomile, passionflower, and Life Everlasting. If you could bottle “green”, this might be it.