Forthave Spirits Gin 'Blue'

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Forthave Spirits Gin 'Blue' 750ml

Forthave Spirits is a distillery in Brooklyn, New York, which produces handcrafted botanical spirits such as amaro, digestifs, aperitifs, and gin. Founder Daniel de la Nuez grew up on hip-hop and punk in New York, and approahces his distilling with a DIY punk approach. He has said, “Do it yourself and figure it out. Don’t get a ton of investment and hire a bunch of people. If you really want it to be sustained through 30 years, you learn the entire process.” The ‘Blue’ is an American Dry Gin, infused with 18 botanicals including juniper, grapefruit, and mint. It’s unfiltered, so it will create a pearlescent effect when poured over ice or mixed with tonic. It’s very floral, with notes of lavender and violet jumping from the glass with some savory saline and celery flavors mixing with citrus and grapefruit.