High West 'A Midwinter Night's Dram' Rye Whiskey

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High West Midwinter Nights Dram

“Come now; what masques, what dances shall we have,
To wear away this long age of three hours
Between our after-supper and bed-time?”
—Theseus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Act 5, Scene 1)

Don’t worry Theseus, High West Distillery has got you covered. Just take a break and sit by the hearth a moment, a glass of rusty red rye in hand. David Perkins and his wife, Jane, opened High West in 2006 in Park City, becoming the first legal distillery in Utah since 1870. They had humble beginnings with one still and a saloon, but have since grown to be an internationally recognized brand with four beautiful locations. Their Midwinter Night’s Dram tastes of Oberon and Titania’s forest in the off-season: plum pudding, cinnamon, and vanilla. Aged in both French oak and port barrels, this limited edition of High West’s Rendezvous Rye takes on both fruit and spice flavors. The High West team recommends that you enjoy a dram “next to a warm fire as the snow piles up on the window sill.”