Kristinus 'Balatonboglar Siller' Lake Balaton PGI 2022

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Kristinus 'Balatonboglar Siller' Lake Balaton PGI 2022
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Country Hungary
Region Balatonboglar
Appellation/Sub-Region Lake Balaton PGI
Grapes Zweigelt
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Certified Biodynamic, Sustainably Grown, Low-Intervention/Natural Wine

The borbirtok (winery) on the Kristinus property has been exploring the winemaking possibilities of the Lake Balaton region since 2005. Winemaker Florian Januba and his partner, Janka, have been farming biodynamically on the estate since 2018. Amid farmland, orchards, and pastures, they aim to harmonize their vineyards with the surrounding ecosystem through the principles of permaculture. In the winery, they apply a low-intervention philosophy to harness the natural fruitiness of the regional varieties they grow. This 100% zweigelt exists in that delicious zone between rosé and red. It sees just 36 hours of maceration on the skins before fermentation with indigenous yeasts in tank and is bottled without fining or filtration after eight months on the fine lees. Bright and juicy, with ripe strawberry, wild raspberry, crisp red apple, and a hint of herbal earthiness, this is one to chill and savor by the lake of your choice. Certified biodynamic, sustainably grown, low-intervention/natural wine.