Montenegro Amaro

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Montenegro Amaro

Stanislao Cobianchi was a man who started his life-path in the church, but exchanged it for a life of adventure, traveling from Bologna to the Balkans and taking in exotic flavors from all around the world. In the 1880’s he opened his distillery with his herbs and spices in-hand, and named his bittersweet amaro after Princess Elena of Montenegro in honor of her wedding day. He had to open a newer, larger distillery in 1906 to meet the growing demand, and the distinctive drink soon became the toast of Italy. The recipe is still a secret to this day, using 40 herbs and spices that are macerated for up to 30 days while an extract is created in boiling water. It is then distilled, capturing the most aromatic portion and ensuring a wide range of bittersweet flavors and aromas including orange peel, fresh coriander, cucumber, red cherry, and pekoe tea. The separate distillations are mixed together with water from Italy’s Gran Sasso Mountains, known for freshness and clarity. On the palate, it is full in body and starts off with sweet but quickly turns mildly bitter and botanical with a long, bittersweet, citrusy finish. This is a perfect amaro to enjoy on the rocks and will add complexity to cocktails!

Paper Plane: Use Montenegro in this modern classic with Bourbon, Aperol and Lemon. This works equally well with Amaro Nonino.