Pianora 'Wermut Erborista Formula XII' Coccaglio 500ml

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Pianora 'Wermut Erborista Formula XII' Coccaglio 500ml
Country Italy
Region Lombardy
Appellation/Sub-Region Franciacorta
Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Certified Organic

Pianora is a winegrowing estate at the southern edge of Franciacorta, an area of northern Italy primarily known for the sparkling wine of the same name. This unique, intriguing vermouth is made of a cabernet-merlot blend from the terraces of Pianora’s own steep-sloped vineyards. As opposed to most vermouths out there, Pianora adds only botanicals to aromatize their wine: no chemical additives, artificial colorings, caramelized sugar (often used to give red vermouth its color), or additional alcohol. Elderflower and Sweet Flag, along with three types of wormwood  and the barks of Citrine Sandalwood and China calissaia (quinine) slowly infuse the wine with aromatics and a subtle bitterness. This is definitely a sipping vermouth, with dried-fruit aromas reminiscent of Port that complement a beautifully integrated sweetness. Made with organically grown wine.