Weingut Dreissigacker Riesling Bechtheimer Geyersberg Trocken 2015

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Weingut Dreissigacker Riesling Bechtheimer Geyersberg Trocken 2015
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Country Germany
Region Rheinhessen
Appellation/Sub-Region Rheinhessen
Grapes Riesling
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Certified Organic, Low-Intervention/Natural Wine, Vegan

Weingut Dreissigacker

“I don’t think we make wines that are everyone’s darlings. We make wines that are polarizing in many ways. They don’t represent pattern, cliché, or any other stereotype.” — Jochen Dreissigacker

The Rheinhessen wine region is vast in hectares under vine, however only a handful of superstar producers have emerged, notably Philipp Wittmann and Klaus-Peter Keller. Jochen Dreissigacker has his sights set on joining the Rheinhessen elite, and by our measure, he’s quickly ascending to the throne. Though born into a winemaking family and passionate about the craft, Jochen was encouraged to pursue a career as an accountant as his older brother Christian was set to inherit the family winery. But for anyone who has seen season one of Netflix’s The Crown or has a familiarity with the contemporary history of the British Royal family, primogeniture and succession are a...wiley combo. Jochen indeed followed his desire to become a winemaker, apprenticing under the legendary Klaus-Peter Keller. With Christian having taken the winemaking role at Weingut Dr. Koehler in the Rheinhessen, Jochen was next in line to take the reins of the family estate while still in his early 20s. After taking the helm, Jochen’s first order of business was converting to organic viticulture, and the second, tightening the winery’s focus to trocken (dry) style wine. The latter decision, a reflection of his intensely personal winemaking style, was off-putting to many of the winery’s long-time customers: Dreissigacker lost roughly 70% of regular business in those early years. But the synergy of Jochen’s conversion to organic farming (certified in 2007), increased experience in the cellar, and acquisition of parcels in Grosse Lagen Morstein and Kirchspiel, elevated the range of wines to new heights and earned the young Dreissigacker a new generation of adoring fans.

The Geyersberg site typically ripens earlier than other sites in Westhofen and Bechtheim, and harvest is incredibly selective. Yields are dramatically reduced, resulting in a wine of intense concentration and focus. 70% of this wine is fermented in stainless steel, and 30% in neutral oak barrel. Generous aromas of petrol and stone fruit open the show, setting the palate up for what’s to come. This has a TON of exuberant acidity combined with a powerful, mouth-coating texture. Focused, concentrated flavors of ripe and dried peach, apricot, guava, tangy pineapple, and a squeeze of fresh citrus wrap around the palate, while a touch of smokiness (evocative of fire-roasted sweet corn) starts off a finish that goes on for ages. Certified organic, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.