February 23, 2024 | pinot part part deux


(confetti still not included)

For one of our first post-pandemic tastings, we opened three versions of pinot noir to explore how the grape expresses itself when grown in a diversity of terroirs and in the hands of different winemakers.

About a year has passed (can you believe it?), and since it was so interesting and delicious, we thought we'd do it again!

Except this time, we're broadening our pinot lineup. 

Because there's more to pinot than noir.


Thin-skinned and notoriously difficult to grow, pinot noir thrives in cooler climates (like France and Oregon!) and typically produces  light-to-medium bodied red wines associated with damp earth, red fruit and baking spice flavors, soft tannins and moderate-to-high acidity.

Pinot meunier, pinot teinturier and pinot précoce, as well as white grapes pinot gris (also known as pinot grigio) and pinot blanc (also called pinot bianco),  are all genetic deviants of the grape, sharing DNA markers, but grown in a variety of climates and situations, and able to express a whole other world of stylistic characteristics.

Today (Friday 2.23!), we'll pouring a customer favorite pinot noir alongside a longtime shop favorite, more serious version of pinot grigio and a new-to-the-shelf skin-contact pinot gris. 

Click the links below to read more about each, then stop by from 4-7 for a taste!


Venica & Venica Pinot Grigio 'Jesera' Collio DOC 2022 

Craven Wines Pinot Gris Stellenbosch WO 2022

Strangeways Pinot Noir California 2020 

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