July 7, 2023 | new! natural! exciting!

Okay, people.

It's been hot. It's been rainy. 
It basically feels like sludge outside.
And we're all walking around in a post-holiday, lazy summer sort of daze.

It's time to wake up & shake things up a little.

So at this week's tasting, we're simply pouring three new-to-the-shop, low-intervention wines we are all really excited about—fresh and vivid bottlings of restorative energy and hedonistic drinkability, a personal pyrotechnics show for everyone's taste buds, if you will. 

Martin & Anna Arndorfer 'Herrengasse 4' Neuburger Kamptal DAC 2020

Tinto Amorio 'Monje Skin Contact' California 2022

Stirm Wine Co. 'Benitoite' Red Wine San Benito County 2021



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