June 16, 2023 | sip some cider, meet the maker

New York really is the Big Apple!
(sorry, not sorry)

The state is the second-largest grower of apples in the nation, averaging around 29.5 million bushels annual production, and is the leading producer of one of our other preferred fermented beverages: cider.

Across the Hudson Valley, cidermakers draw on historical sensibilities and lean into contemporary techniques to craft increasingly creative, hyperlocal cuvées that evoke the state's terroir in a way similar to wine.

Of this talented cadre, Leif Sundström has long been one of our favorite and today (Friday, 6.16!) we have the privilege of hosting him at our tasting!

Stop by between 4 and 7 to meet him and try three of his bottlings.
(details on those below, in case you're wondering.)


Sundström Cider 'Sponti' 2020

Sundström Cider/Cider 'Davis' 2021

Sundström Cider 'Montgomery Place' 2018

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