September 8, 2023 | Portugal party time!

Now that we've poured one out for summer, celebrated our anniversary(!) and said cheers to the workforce, this week's tasting is a return to regional discovery.

On deck: Portugal.

A coast-lined patchwork of sandy plains, rugged mountain terrain and lush river valleys that boasts oceanic maritime climates alongside increasingly continental pockets, Portugal has a lot more to offer wine lovers than the port and Madeira for which it's often most recognized.

In fact, its diversity of terroir is one of the country's biggest advantages in winemaking. 

While international grapes—more well-known ones like syrah and sauvignon blanc—are grown there, they're the minority. Instead, Portuguese winemakers have remained staunchly dedicated to the country's abundance of indigenous varieties (250!) since the early days of its vine cultivation in the 1st century (or earlier, depending who you ask), which has yielded a mélange of expressive, characterful wines across Portugal's motley 14 regions.   

Today, we're opening three wines that showcase the country's range: a 'grown-up' vinho verde that's like drinking sunshine, a vibrant and perky bottle of pink bubbles, and a super fresh red.

Come through today (Friday 9.8!) from 4-7 to get a taste!

Sem Igual Vinho Verde DOC 2019

Folias de Baco Uivo 'Pt Nat' Rosé 2021 

Carlos Raposo 'Impecavel' Touriga Nacional Dão DOC 2021 


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