October 20, 2023 | mutant grapes!!

Today (Friday 10.20), we're leaning into spooky season and opening three bottles of mutants.
that's right:


But don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of:
There are more than 10,000 different varieties cultivated around the world (yes, really!), and while the majority of these are crosses—created when one plant is fertilized with the pollen of another—some are born via genetic mutation. 

Sometimes, this happens spontaneously during cell division. Other times it happens when a variety's DNA reacts to changes in its surroundings and adapts to protect itself against disease or other environmental hazards. In either case, a grape is officially defined as a mutant when some of its genetic characteristics are no longer identical to that of its parent vine.

Sauvignon gris (a pink-colored mutation of sauvignon blanc), pinot gris (a mutation of pinot noir) and vernaccia nera (a name used for a collection of dark-skinned Italian grape mutations) are all on deck.  

Click through the links below to read more about the wines, then drop in from 4-7 for a taste!

Château de Lardiley Sauvignon Gris Bordeaux AOC 2021 
Kabaj 'Sivi Pinot' Goriska Brda 2019
Paris Rocchi Vernaccia Nera Secco San Ginesio DOC 2021 

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